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      2. Changchun Dazheng Bocame Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. (CCDZ), located in Chinese automobile industry base – Changchun, is a company specializing in robotics automation welding production line, electrical automation and robotics application of high-tech intellectual equipment manufacturing company. CCDZ can apply complete solutions of planning, designing, system integration, installation, commissioning and accompany production. Since its inception, CCDZ provide long-term services for FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Car, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Dongfeng Honda, BMW-Brillance, Volvo and FAW-Heavy…etc, it successfully completed industry robotics system integration projects of all major automobile factories…etc. CCDZ is one of the best services suppliers in China in the field of automated welding robotics body production line and powertrain systems.

        The robotic roller hemming technology and digital factory technology independently developed by CCDZ, filled the gap of domestic market, and broke the monopoly of foreign companies in Chinese market. CCDZ has high ability to compete with those well-known international high-tech companies.

        Currently, Changchun Dazheng Bocame Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd.is: “Changchun Excellent high-tech enterprise”, “Changchun Intellectual Property Exemplary Enterprise”, “Double Software Enterprise”, “Changchun Innovation Enterprise”, “Provincial Technology Center”, joint with Chinese Academy of Science to develop “high-precision robot” and participate with other National key support projects.

        Ever since its foundation, CCDZ has obtained 16 utility model patents, 5 invention patents, and 6 software copyrights.

        After years of unremitting efforts, our company has accumulated a wealth of practical operation experience in large-scale robotics projects, especially the mastery and application of Robotics roller hemming technology to four doors & two covers of car have reached to the international level. We have trained a large number of senior professional technicians to provide high quality engineering services and after-sale services, which have achieved highly appreciation by international and domestic customers, therefore won a good reputation in the industry, we can guarantee a long-term stable customer base.

        With the increasing of international automobile manufacturing costs and expanding of Chinese automobile consumption market, more and more foreign auto giants invest and build factories in China, and with continuing growth of local auto manufacturers, which indicate a boom Chinese auto industry. Take the advantage of time, geography and people, CCDZ will keep up with market trends, learn actively, and develop new technology, to further improve the level of engineering services to meet high demands of domestic and international clients. CCDZ would like to make our contribution for the development of Chinese national automobile industry.?

        Our company would like to cooperate with people of vision sincerely, to develop together!

        CCDZ Changchun Home base

        ??Contact: Miss. Wu Si??

        Mobile No.+86-(0)-15143005355

        Email : si.wu@ccdzee.com


        Branch Office

        Contact: Mr. Zhang Junhao

        Mobile No.+86-(0)-18043118330


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        Changchun Dazheng Bocame Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. (CCDZ)

        Technical support 長春天億科技

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